Sunday, January 3, 2016

A very Happy New Year to All

And again I've neglected my blog.
I better make no resolutions - maybe I'm then able to keep up with my writing.
Resolutions are there to be neglected, right? ... Yeah, bad girl, that's me.

What's new?
My nephew and his Canadian wife whose wedding I attended in 2014 have been busy.
Little Nora was born in November 2015.
Congrats, congrats. Great accomplishment.

Otherwise pretty well same old, same old.

I am still pursuing to sell my house.
Yes, I had an open house, many people came, unanimous response:
Unique, unique, unique and soooo beautiful.
People, and/or prospective buyers must see the inside.
It has curb appeal, but the inside is insane.
Well, so much for that.

My Christmas HouseNow, on Christmas Eve I received a 'nice' little Christmas gift.
A huge truck backed into my driveway and hit my brick-built mailbox into ruins and pieces.
Lovely mess and 'Happy Holidays'. Grrrr....
I didn't even notice but my wonderful neighbor saw it, jumped into his car and followed the truck.
The driver didn't notice either.
Thanks to neighbor Dan, this will not be on my wallet.
It just looks a little earth quake-like now.
The first thing friends from Germany asked me was whether the car survived.
I laughed so hard... well, the truck had some damage but wasn't DOA.

 As for my little business: 'Selling my collected Life' - it's going slow but it's going.
And I have madly reduced prices now.
For those unusual gifts that you are looking for (or something for YOURSELF finally). 

My prices have fallen like my brick mail box. EuropeanGoodies <-- Check it out? Please?

Now, don't forget to hug your kids and let them know they are doing great.

Yours always,



  1. As is great to hear how you are doing...


  2. Dear Johanna,
    I have lost your email address. Husband has been sick and in and out of the hospital for the last year. He is much better now! I looked on CBS News yesterday and they had the 10 best countries to live in. Germany was number 3 and USA was number 5. Maybe I should move to Germany with you! LOL!