Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working in MY Company


After passing all final tests and examinations and despite quite unpleasant expectations being continually under Father’s pitiless control, I went to work at My Company!

While I went to a local school before I attended Boarding School I rarely was found at home. Homework? Umm, done in a hurry. Someone looking for me? Try the Intercom at the factory. I unquestionably was somewhere crawling under a machine or greasing one, if not looking people over their shoulders to learn what they did and how it was done.
I helped them to get their load done faster, painting the back of the snow globe covers in an angelic blue, mounted them on their bases and filled them with snowy water.

Most interesting to me was the department where 24 carat gold was applied to a limitless variety of figurines. Every single ornament was attached to clamps holding them in place. First real silver and then the gold was vacuum deposited, evaporated from tiny heated metal boats which were loaded with precisely counted pieces of precious metal.
I knew my ways around the electrician’s section as well as those of the masons; I painted figurines and glued them together to form dream scenes for our ‘Dream Globes’.
I packed and wrapped finished items into clear display boxes. I ran around the shipping department and learned how to properly package and address parcels to global customers.
I also would visit our toolmakers and the injection molding division in the end; I always came home dirty, rust-covered, filthy.
Accustomed to each and every company department, I knew all connections and everybody from the janitor (who was my big friend) to the accountant staff.
Now, this dream was a close second: Running my company one day.

Sadly, there were two heirs to the throne: my brothers. Girls were neither considered nor counted and shamelessly cheated out of everything at the end.

My first assignment was to hop into a truck, get on the Autobahn and haul material to a women’s prison up north where pieces where fit and glued together by inmates and made into a whole. Sometimes Snow Globes, sometimes weather stations or wall plaques. I then would bring assembled items back home with me.
I loved it … free as a bird riding in a truck and being on my own.
I totally was Girl Friday, good and useful for everything. Being Father’s secretary or hosting
a collection of gathered company sales agents when the time came. Chase me around, give me different errands all the time and I am happy.

At one point Father decided that I should get more air, I was too pale (in his opinion); so he sent me to our construction side in the next town, Erbach, where our new factory was being built. Now that was right down my line. Because it was erected on marshy land we first had to sink massive concrete pillars into the ground. I had pumps running in fifty holes to keep the waters off from creeping up. Dead rats again were gift-wrapped and presented to shrieking office ladies. Well, fun had to be too, right?
My jobs were to order material and act as foreman for the construction crew, supervise and guide them. I learned electro-welding, operated the tower crane and didn’t flinch when a massive iron screw coming from above hit my big toe; I moved iron and carried out masonry when I was not on the road hauling earth around for the foundation.


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