Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Enuff of Politics? Same here :-)

Oh, those politics, up and down the road, 24/7.
It's enough. Let's talk about something else.

Little HINT:
I have discovered a little trick that might be stone-old, but was new to me.
Do you also have a problem with sticky, half-rusty power plugs?
(Florida air does that to them)
I always had a hard time to get my electrical cords plugged in or worse,
Thinking 'what' and 'how' ...???
I used a drop of WD40 on the metal parts, let it dry
(!!! not sticking it wet into the wall-socket!!) and violá!,
they now are going in and out like being buttered.

And a little bit of bragging about myself now:

Did you know that I didn't only write a book (please see below)
but that I'm also boasting to be a modest artist. Yeah, humbly yours :-)
This is how my little Art Work came about: I was thinking
'Hmm, what kind of Christmas and other Greetings am I going to send out this year?'
There are many people, friends, who collect my OOAK cards since decades, indeed.
But these cards I came up with this year have been the 'killer'.
The recipients reacted overwhelmingly surprised and positive. Some are framing my cards...
So, I thought, why not offering what I am creating here.
There will never be two of the same. What's gone is gone.
My 'Art' is handmade thus ONE Of A KIND. Either on paper or on burlap.
I'm using acrylic paint, Glitter, 24K Leaf Gold, real Swarovski crystals and pearls,
flowers and produce warm, colorful Acrylic creations.
Naïve Art.
Some are right here; take a look:[custom_category_id]=652069&item_sort_options[per_page]=100

It's very time and work intensive. Very intricate.

A DIFFERENT gift idea for:
Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday - divorce? - Get Well, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Condolences
 - what ever YOU can think of - the sky is the limit.
 Blank Note Cards contain ONLY my 'art'-work.
Envelopes come with it, naturally.

A few samples:
Fantasy on Burlap

Chakra Tree on Burlap

Tree Of Life on Burlap

Cardinal in Berry Tree

Pearl Tree of Love

Perfume that never dies

Exhale on my Pond

It's raining diamonds and flowers

Raining Flowers

Fantasy in 24K Leaf Gold
and many, many more
I just LOVE to be creative.

I saw, I liked, I cared, I loved, I trusted,
I'm hurt, I'm gone!
Why? You saw, You liked, You lusted,
You cheated, You lied, You betrayed.

 That's SOME content of my book. 
Thank you for your visit! It's MUCH appreciated.