Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Time waits for nobody. Sleep well, 'Kleines'

Time waits for nobody. 
Yeah, I can tell. 

I am ready to go home again, home to Germany.
Alas, the occasion is not quite a pleasant one.

I wrote about Rita, my sister - and here and now want to thank every one for your prayers for her, for so many 'Get Well' cards and even gifts that you've sent to Germany to make her smile. And smiling she was.
Thank you all! From the bottom of my heart.

Rita is now sleeping forever.
I will be attending her burial under 'our' tree in a part of the forest where we grew up, called 'Friedwald'.
The translation would be: Forest of Peace.
It IS a peaceful place in a forest high above our home town, 'Michelstadt' im Odenwald in Germany.
There are no headstones, no names, no flowers just a tiny number on one of the many trees so that our kids can find our resting place, if they want to visit.
Our urns are made of paper maché out of consideration for the environment - they will totally dissolve. 
And... nobody needs to tend to our graves. There are none. 

Rita in 2014 already sick

So, Rita, 'my little one', as I always called her because she entered this world after me - will be laid to rest next week, Friday June 26.

"R.I.P., 'Kleines', I miss you, sleep well and say 'hi' to our family and friends up there.
I know you were carried by angels, picked up, welcomed and embraced by our parents, our brother and near and distant family and friends."

It'll be like a Tornado for me - I hope I can keep my sanity together.

As always:
Please, don't forget to hug your kids and tell them: 'I love you'.

Yours always,