Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Yeah, oh my. Much time has passed now and I have neglected my blog.
But I always THOUGHT about it :-)

I am certainly back from Germany, back in the US.
My nephew's wedding was something to cherish: Gorgeous, special, international.
They are a sweet couple and it seems they really do fit together.
After all, they almost look like siblings :-)

I visited my sister, Rita, and got the shock of my life. She is sick, yes, but she also has changed tremendously. Not only her short term memory is pretty well gone, her appearance and demeanor are very different too.
There is not much left but to pray for her.

It's October, the big heat is sneaking out - thanks God.
I had to install a brand new PC... the old one kicked the bucket.
Whew, what a nightmare. It's quite a feat not to LOSE anything. All my work;

all pictures that I am using for web sites, videos, slide shows, etc.

And now my house is up for sale. I decided that it's time to move back home.
Back to Germany. I am 'dreaming' of working in my brother's company:
You can see a little more of it in my book's trailer:

And here is the trailer for Europe (they don't allow the music that I used for the US):

The Holidays are looming...  are you thinking about this special gift?
Check out what I have to offer from my 'collected' life':