Saturday, August 8, 2015

Soldier needs help, desperately! PLEASE help to raise some funds!!

To feed a Family of 8 (eight!!!) is quite a BIG task nowadays.
Now imagine a Veteran who was used to work hard for his loved ones comes home from two tours in Iraq and is 100% disabled - physically and mentally (PTSD).
Six kids!! Alan and his wife Amy are GOOD people (I know the family) who do not deserve to be treated by the VA like this. They are supposed to live on $1,800 a month. YEAH? What?
Help from the Army MIGHT arrive in a YEAR!!
Yes, I am screaming in CAPS.
To me? This is happening only in America, the country that boasts to be 'the greatest in the world'...??? Rrright!
Where is healthy common sense here?
Alan stuck his neck out for you, me, this country and is now 'dropped': "See how you fend for yourself." 

Thankfully, Americans have big ♥ hearts ♥ and are often helpful beyond their own means.
In Alan's and Amy's case - it's a family that we know, a family that IS fighting and doesn't want to rely on freebies.
But they need our, your HELP. NOW, not down the road.
Every little bitty bit will help - I am begging all my blog-followers: Please, think about this: One, two or three less Starbuck's Café's, maybe no dinner out on Saturday night or - how about this - donate your 'Sunday-Church-donation-box money' to the Bradford family. Just once?

Personally, I would be VERY grateful - and promise to shoot a prayer 'up' for you.
Here is the link again:
Open it and see for yourself, read a little about this deserving family.
Well, can't say more now, but PLEASE! And THANK YOU!

....and don't forget to hug your kids tonight :-)

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