Thursday, April 16, 2015

Breaking News :-)

OK, I am back for a regular blog - I was distracted: not cool.

Please, if you would be so kind? Favor my blog and distribute it?!
I'd like for more readers to follow me and read my "pieces of wisdom" *wink-wink.

Yes, my plan is to move back home to Germany; as soon as my house is sold.
However! I am not in a rush and really hope my house will not be sold too quickly.
I am very much dreading the move and then the 'job' of moving and most of all: having to leave.

I live in a Cul-de-Sac and have such lovely, wonderful (and helpful) neighbors ... it's a shame I have to go. *sigh. And the neighbors don't like it either...

But you know, I am thinking: 'if something seriously happens to me -
who is looking after me?'

I am alone here and being in Germany I have my son nearby, have my beloved brother, friends and ... just people that know me well (and Thanks-God like me too... as far as I can tell :-). So, I'll have a kinda security net. We need that when we are getting old-er. Ha-ha. YEAH! So it goes, right?

I am planning on living in my home town, where I was born. Want to see how it looks?
It's gorgeous and has Europe's oldest town hall, indeed! Here: Michelstadt
For all those reasons I have launched a big MOVING SALE - I can't take my treasures back home again. Too many.
Visit me and see, puhleeze?
My Website with tons of discounted 'not so average' Gifts
Please, you can make an offer too. I surely will consider anything!
I've dedicated an entire section with items:
♥SALE SALE SALE♥ Just look!
I am also on Pinterest where I've set up a MOVING SALE board -
It's free to look. PROMISE :-)
...and you conveniently can click on any picture - it will bring you to the item on SALE.
My Pinterest Boards please, follow me?

Remember! I have only ONE of anything. Everything is OOAK!
And think birthdays, anniversaries, and also Christmas, etc. AHEAD.
Makes sense?
Thank you for your time ***
I'll be baaaack, soon and with helpful fashion and beauty tips and tricks.

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