Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Review of my Book.

To me, it's mighty interesting WHAT readers are 'talking' about.
It gives me an idea, a sense of what and/or which part seems to be important for them.
Young people praise the relationship (that's to say: friendship) between mother and son in my case.
Others are more prone to the historic part.
Again another Lady recently told me that she is able to picture everything that I am describing.
She feels like I am directly talking to HER.

Now THIS is exactly what I wanted, what I intended. I am talking to YOU.
Sometimes in a little 'harsh ??' language, sometimes (hopefully) funny.
In any case truthfully and just as I would talk to you.
I am not a third party telling someone else's story.
And as 'TempestRaven' said, "you will definitely learn something of use from her experiences in life".
Hmm, I hope so.
(Scroll down for TempestRaven's input)

The book? ... is here: www.TheIvoryCarversDaughter.com

Here's Ms. Diane Simmons' opinion:

I had the pleasure of reading this wonderful book shortly after it was published!
I am not going to write much about the true story. One reason it would be too lengthy, the other is, every single sentence is captivating and you need to read it!
Literary experts say a book never gets any better than the first five pages. I'm afraid I must disagree as each  page was more exciting than the previous one.
Although it is a true life story the characters are compelling and complex. The author tells the story in such an engaging and unique style.
This is not a book that you don't want to lay down! I quit reading several times just to think and absorb everything. There is happiness, sadness, excitement and everyday living  that I and many of you have never experienced. Great Book!
Diane Simmons

Sweet little (and bigger) gifts!
I'd love for you to PLEASE check it out?

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