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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Something else today ...

Adding: Rita is now in Rehab. I am shocked and sad about her condition...

I am asking for some prayers for my younger sister, Rita.

She lives in Germany and just started radiation after two brain surgeries.

I phoned her - she doesn't sound too good and seems not to have much will to survive -

saying: "I did my job, raised my kids... it's good now".

This is unbearable for me - and so I am asking for your prayer help.

Just a little one, please?

I'd be very grateful.




  1. You met me on May 1,signed your book and gave me a copy. I just finished it. Thank you for sharing your honest, sometimes sad, sometimes joyous and at other times inspiring story. I am intrigued and will be checking out your websites. As women, we don't too often share our humbling moments. Be when we do, the kinship flourishes. May you go from strength to strength. DS